TPRS is an acronym for Third Party Reference System. It is a system that allows registered third-party institutions to deduct transaction amounts from GOG Employees. These deductions are made at source through Controller & Accountant General Department. These deductions could include loan repayments, insurance premiums, welfare contributions, credit union dues & loans and Hire purchase repayment etc. from the salaries of the GOG employees.


Over hundred registered banking and non-banking institutions utilize our software solutions (TPRS) to meet their customer’s evolving needs. These include commercial banks, investment banks, rural banks, savings and loans companies, and other non-traditional financial institutions.


Our Hire purchase clients depend on our software solution to engage Government Employees when selling and cross selling their products. Our tailor-made solutions help them to recover their payments over a specified period


Life cover and insurance policies for Government Employees have become a necessity in recent times. This has made our software solution (TPRS) a sought-after product by insurance/ provident fund institutions. Through our solution, representatives of these companies can engage their customers with ease and have their various contributions processed and deducted at source before salaries are paid.


Registered credit Unions are able to engage Government employees and offer them loans on our platform (TPRS)


Our one source of joy is when welfare associations use our software solution (TPRS) to initiate and transact business on Government Employees who voluntarily want to join their association. All these deductions are made without unnecessary stress to the employee