We exist to provide a diversified range of products and services to our customers. We achieve our objectives by creating and maintaining strategic alliances with leading vendors and Business Solutions Providers worldwide. We boast two decades worth of combined experience and knowhow in tackling the most complex problems facing our clients, working with leaders and their staff to deliver business process improvements and solutions at competitive prices.

We pride ourselves as a unique organization, staffed by industry specialists and professionals.


Intu-IT aspires to be an excellent leader in the provision of solutions in our business areas using innovative methodologies and technologies. To provide a wide range of diversified products, services and solutions that will add value to the business operations of clients, shareholders and the Ghanaian economy.

We hold ourselves to high standards


We are committed to high Ethical standards both internally and externally.
We strive for excellence in our approach to work and delivery.
We demonstrate Creativity in the design of our work and solutions.

Financial: 199+

Insurance: 40+

Hire Purchase: 212+

Welfare: 651+

Credit Unions: 199+

Labor Unions: 15+